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Madlen Russian escort girl from Israel

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Madlen Russian escort girl from IsraelMadlen Russian escort girl from IsraelMadlen Russian escort girl from IsraelMadlen Russian escort girl from Israel




Beautiful angel, young beauty lavish with endearment, tender like a dawn, charming and passionate.

Josh and Madlen were friends before the day they let their desires run free. They had been friends for a long time, but there was always obviously something more to their friendship. It was a warm, August day when the two of them went to the lake as usually had that summer. Madlen was short, around 4'11, with a very pettite figure. She weighed only 98 pounds, and was a size double zero. She was the most beautiful girl in Josh's eyes. Josh was about 5'7, 135 pounds, with a muscular build.
They were in the lake when Josh had noticed that Madlen's nipples were stiff and erect. He didn't notice he was staring until Madlen gaving a knowing wink at him. She then motioned him over to his truck with her index finger. When he got to the truck Madlen was already in the cab with her hand down her bathing suit, finger fucking herself. Josh felt his cock stiffen when she started moaning loudly due to her self satisfaction. A violent orgasm made her body shake aggressively.
She then placed he soaken wet fingers into Josh's mouth, letting him taste her sweet young juices. She then took her bathing suit off, revealing her impressive 32C breasts and her perfectly shaven twat. Josh showed his eagerness by instantly munching her sweet, juicy, virgin pussy. He ate her cunt vigorously until she squirted all over him, leaving him soaked in her juice.
He then dropped his trunks, revealing his massively swollen rod. His cock stood about 11'', much to Madlen's suprise. She took his dick in her mouth, she took it all, swallowing as much precum as her little mouth could take, letting barely any slip out the side of her mouth. He then forced her further onto his swollen bone, not phasing Madlen. She was a dirty whore that took all 11'' of it. Much to Josh's suprise, she even took his jizz that was a massive load, not letting any fall to waste. She the took his cock out of her mouth, and aimed it near her virgin pussy.
"Please be gentle." she pleaded. Josh then took his cock and slowly penetrated her cunt, ripping away at her hymen. Madlen winced in pain but she wanted more. He pushed further in, stirring just a trinkle of blood. He then sucked on her incredibly perky nipples, while pushing further in her pussy. With one final, hard, stern thrust, he was fully in. Madlen riveted in pain, scratching at his back leaving deep marks. "FUCK ME!!!" she commanded. He did as he was told, thrusting increasingly harder with each thrust in and out. Madlen wailed in a mix of pain and pleasure. He continued his performance while Madlen arched her back in ecstasy. Each thrust went further and harder, tearing up her tight wet pussy. Then, he felt Madlen's muscles contract around his cock and her warming juices as they gushed out of her vagina, and down his balls onto the floorboards. This sent him over the edge and he came inside her, causing his cum to overflow her pussy, and leak out all down her legs and thighs. She then sucked the remaining semen off his dick, and took a sample out of cunt, and into her mouth.
They continued fucking all day and night, and everyday after that, a constant cycle of nonstop sex and foreplay. Madlen loved Josh cumming in her, as he did everytime they fucked. 


How much IS one Hour?
Gunther, 20/04/2016
How much IS one Hour?
Gunther, 20/04/2016
Max, 26/01/2016
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Roy , 20/12/2015
allah will help them inshahallah
Rayes , 28/10/2015
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Steve, 24/07/2015
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mohsen, 25/07/2014
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